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About me
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Hello there! If you are reading this, chances are you're in search of a photographer! It's a big decision to make - so why choose me?


I'm Jen, owner and photographer at The Little Studio. I'm a wife and proud mama of two little whirlwinds, my little boy, 4 years, a gorgeous, thoughtful soul, a mamas boy bursting with love and cheeky personality and my baby girl, 8 months, just the happiest and most beautiful little sunshine I know! She's on the brink of being on the move anytime now (eek... I'm not ready yet!) both can hear a rustling packet from a mile away - they are ALWAYS in search of snacks! (HOW do they eat so much already...?!)


My biggest passion in life other than my family, is photography. I have spent many years investing in equipment and training. I have designed my own creative studio space - my happy place where you will find me chatting with clients, or singing along to a bit of Florence whilst editing your gorgeous galleries - usually snuggled up with a child or cat keeping me company!


I understand the importance of capturing precious family moments to look back on and display around your home, Like most mamas, I often look through photographs of my own children, usually when the house is quiet and they are tucked up in bed, dreaming away, I find myself smiling back at the little faces in the pictures, transporting me right back into the moment, remembering little details I may otherwise have forgot. It reminds me just how quickly our little ones grow and change over such a short space of time.


It is always a privilege to be chosen as your photographer, as a small business owner, my sessions help support my family and my dream. In return for choosing The Little Studio, you will not only receive images, heirlooms and memories to treasure, but also an individual, unique experience with a personal touch, where, like many of my clients, you'll want to return again and again! 


I am always happy to help with any questions or queries you should have - please drop me a message to make an enquiry or book your photoshoot today!

Thank you for taking the time to visit, I look forward to meeting you and your little ones very soon!

Jen x

Owner & Photographer @thelittlestudio